Tips on how to care for your Kokedama

  • Kokedama balls are made from a clay soil mix with sphagnum moss and natural sisal to insulate and absorb water for optimum health and growth of the plant inside the ball;

  • To water your kokedama you will need to soak the ball in water, I submerge mine in the sink, for about five minutes. You will be able to feel the weight of the ball when it is full of water, when the ball is light you will know it needs a soak; Let the ball drain and dry before returning it to it's home;

  • As a rule of thumb you should soak most kokedama's once every couple of weeks; ferns need to be soaked a little more regularly and succulents a little less;

  • Try not to keep your kokedama in a dark cool area or it may be prone to growing mould on the ball, a well lit area with lots of filtered light and fresh air works best for these balls;

  • Your plants need water, light and warmth to survive. So when you're off on holiday, don't forget about your green friends. If you are away for more than a week you will need someone to visit them to keep the blinds open and to let fresh air in the room; Filtered light works best for indoor plants, keep them in a light area of the home close to a window, some plants like ferns, hoya and ivy can survive in areas with less light;

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Soaking is an integral part of keeping your kokedama healthy! You can also spray the leaves with a water spray or use coconut oil to keep them shiny and healthy.