our sustainable business

At Love Grows we love all things green, we believe that plants make a wonderful gift; not only do they stay alive and continue to grow, they provide a nurturing and learning experience for the new owner of the plant.


Our purpose is to bring gift-giving to life by providing a beautiful, eco-friendly alternative to cut flowers. Our gifts can bring lasting surprise and joy and can be integrated into an indoor or outdoor garden at any home or business.


All our products are exclusively handmade to order and are packaged with care and presented beautifully. Best of all, because your gift is living, it brings lasting joy and pleasure and is a great, eco-friendly alternative to cut flowers.

Instead of gifting a flower bouquet that may last only a short time, give a gift that keeps on giving. Our living gifts are easy to care for and come with hand written instructions to ensure they grow even more beautiful with time.

We love using recycled and reused materials in any way we can! We hand make all of our own labels, which are not printed – instead we use a laser cut rubber stamp for every label; Our business cards are also handmade and stamped with our logo onto recycled kraft card.

All of our products are made with love. When you buy with Love Grows you are making a sustainable purchase. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for supporting our green dream.