Forget flowers, give someone a gift that keeps on giving with our adorable Binky Swiss Cheese Plant Kokedama. Keep it on your table or hang it on the wall; this cute Kokedama is 15cm x 12cm and is made from natural sisal, with a Swiss Cheese (Monstera Deliciosa) inside. Originating from Japan, kokedama are hanging moss balls. They are a stylish and beautiful way to 'bring the outside in' and can live for years.


Each plant comes with complimentary 'Punny Gift Card' (ONLY IF ADDED), detailed 'Plant Care Guide', hand written Gift Card and Gift Box. Made exclusively to order from homegrown, recycled, reused and handmade materials locally in Perth.

Binky Swiss Cheese (Monstera Deliciosa) Kokedama

  • Originating in Japan, kokedama are living plant and moss balls. The life span of a kokedama is the same as it would be for the plant if it were potted normally, so they can live for years if cared for as per the plants care requirements. Kokedama are extremely low maintenance; to water kokedama, the ball needs to be submerged in water every one to three weeks depending on the variety of the plant.


    Traditionally displayed sitting on driftwood or handmade pottery, they also look magical bound up in string and hanging, and are a lovely way to bring a bit of greenery indoors all year round.


    Kokedama, like their cousins bonsai, are designed to be appreciated for their beauty and for the pleasant effort involved in the growing process. They encapsulate the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, which can be explained as an appreciation of the imperfections of nature and the transience of natural beauty.