Your sustainable life

We recently had the pleasure of speaking to Kelly from Your Sustainable Life magazine (YSLM); YSLM interviewed LG to discuss how we try to run a sustainable business.

Kelly was particularly interested in LG's core values in terms of sustainability and how it resonates with us. Being a sustainable business comprises of so many different facets; from the materials we use, to how we grow our plants and even to our business advertising. From the onset we were invested to not only selling sustainable products but also to raising awareness about ways to live sustainably. We strongly believe that living sustainably is a mindset, it stems from being conscious of our actions and considering the future ramifications of these actions. It's also about being realistic and honest - is all the fresh produce I buy organic?! No, although I try and grow my own fruit and vegetables and buy organic sometimes it's just not available or convenient but I know that the small changes I can make are better than not making any changes at all.

This mindset is also how we operate LG, small things - for example we make all our own labels with a laser cut rubber stamp to avoid printing. We cultivate all our own potting mix, fertilisers and compost and grow all our own cuttings. We reuse anything we can get our hands on, from old jars, water bottles, tins, pots and even coat hangers for our topiary hearts! Our vision is for people to embrace plants and a greener way of living, growing gifts are something that lasts and prospers from nurture and care - is there anything more thoughtful and special than a gift that gives back?! We want people to know that plants don't just belong in the garden, they are something which can be a part of our lives, in our homes, in our schools and workplace.

We love what Kelly and the YSLM team are doing, their magazine has so many great reads and is free to subscribe to! Keep an eye out for future article contributions to this awesome mag from yours truly :)



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