Mellow Aloe?

Hi peeps

Another plant we get asked about a lot is the lovely Aloe Vera!

Some people have reported their Aloe leaves turning a brown-red colour. This is a warning sign!! Discoloured leaves can occur for a variety of reasons however usually too much sun and not enough water is the culprit.

Most people assume, like the majority of succulents that Aloe's do not need much water. However Aloe's can actually handle a fair bit of moisture. Best solution is to do the soil test - aka stick your finger in the soil to determine the dryness and whether it needs water.

Lack of water and constant sunlight is not the best environment for your Aloe, give him some occasional shade and a bit more water than your other succulents. You can always trim him back to regenerate the leaves.

While we are talking about Aloe's lets not forget about their various health benefits! I use mine for a variety of things, anytime I have a sore or scratch I pop some of the gel directly from the leaf onto the wound. This also worked for my pup when his stitches got infected.

It has also been known to help with sunburn, weight loss, anti ageing, stretch marks, is a digestive aid, helps with hair growth and is a wondferful moisturiser.



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