Investing in our future

As you may have noticed LG is very passionate about spreading the joy of green living! We especially love doing so with the younger generations, ultimately their future is in our hands and vice versa.....lets teach them young!

Introducing children to gardening has soooo many benefits, from instilling them with a sense of responsibility, teaching them about nature and nutrition, cause and effect, teaching them how to be creative and how to nurture and care for a living plant!

We want kids to know that gardening can be fun, I know my memories are plagued by loooong visits to nurseries after school which I initially found SO BORING! But once my mum started involving me in gardening and teaching me about plants I quickly became addicted - it is crazy how much joy and satisfaction you can derive from seeing it grow and stay healthy!

We are in the process of developing a child friendly workshop to introduce them to the basics of gardening in a social and supervised environment - please let us know if you are interested in taking place!



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