Hi peeps, this is our first tutorial! Today we are going to teach you how to make a Pallet Planter. This was one of our first DIY creations and most definitely our favourite!

What you will need:

1 x old pallet (we got our from a verge collection however most building sites will dispose of them once used too)

1 x large sheet of tarp large enough to cover the base of the pallet

1 x staple gun

6 x bags of potting mix or enough homemade soil to fill the pallet

15 x small plants (or however many section holes there are in your pallet)


1.First you will need to attach the tarp to the back of the pallet, we used a staple gun to do this. Make sure you pull the tarp so there is some tension to ensure the back of the planter is taut and strong enough to provide a flat base to hold the soil.

2. Once the tarp is securely attached to the back of the planter you can then start to fill the pallet with soil, we found the easiest and quickest way was to empty all the soil on top and then distribute evenly to each section of the pallet.

3. Once the sections are full with soil you can then start planting, place one plant in each section and ensure it is secure by patting soil flat around it.

4. Water the pallet and keep horizontal for 1 week until the soil hardens around the plants, you can then stand the pallet up to make a vertical wall planter :)

We hope you love this cute addition to your home!



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