Labour of Love

When starting out my business I was so dedicated to operating and maintaining a sustainable business I set out to make everything myself, so far - I have stuck to this goal. Although sometimes it seems a lot more time consuming and sometimes even more expensive than ordering online or hiring someone - it is far more satisfying !

By no means am I tech savvy but I can whole heartedly say that I have built my website from scratch, designed my logo and branding, made by own business cards and logo tags - hell I even mix cement!

I actually ended up making my own business cards out of frustration as I was finding it so difficult to source companies that use recycled brown Kraft card - and the ones I did find were either terribly expensive or overseas companies (I will only buy Australian made). Instead of printing my logo on these cards and our tags I had a laser cut rubber stamp made with our logo - we use green stamp (to team with our theme hehe) and hand make every single one - I really need to invest in a guillotine as I had blisters on my hands from scissors! Although they may not all be even and perfect - they are 100% handmade with my own blood sweat and tears - I will pull all nighters, I will be working on weekends and promoting my cause until my voice is hoarse....because this is my passion and dream and I want to do my part in making a greener future for our children, their children and so on.



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