Picking your Plants

Hi Peeps, now as you probably know I try to grow all of my own plants instead of buying, I propagate and use seeded veggies and herbs HOWEVER I know this is not attainable for everyone and that time, energy, space etc also come into play when it comes to growing your own plants. I have to be realistic here so I wanted to give people a few pointers for buying plants at nurseries; now when I say nurseries, I really mean Bunnings - as much as it makes me sad to say, most independent nurseries are now closed - or in the process of closing down however there are still a few around, so if you can its great to support these small independent businesses - they are often very knowledgeable about plants too.

What to look for when buying plants:

Leaf Colour

Look for green leaves with no sign of yellowing - the most common symptom of plants that have been stressed by a lack of fertiliser and water. Obviously this does not apply to naturally golden leaved varieties of plants.


A few small roots growing out of drainage holes are a sign of a strong root system. Avoid plants that been held in pots for so long that roots have grown into thick tangles or circles near the bottoms of the containers or are emerging quite noticeably from drainage holes.

Buds and Flowers

Flowering plants with a blossom or two are young and vigorous but bypass those that appear to have been in several weeks annuals may be stressed and 'bloomed out', and perennials that are in bloom at the nursery may only flower well for the first year.

Hope this helps



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